Version Status: How this effects your purchase and COVER

Modified on: 2020-05-14 11:28:07 +1000

An essential part of the licence management for SIDRA SOLUTIONS software products is the version status. Two version status levels which will affect the licence purchase and COVER renewal processes are designated as:

  • Current Version  - Visit the Store to view the current versions of our software.
  • Old Version - software older than the current version.

Version status is an important part of licence management. As soon as a new major version of the software is released, it becomes the current version with the following consequences:

  • COVER renewal is available for the Current Version only (therefore "valid COVER" is associated with the Current Version only),
  • for Old Version licences, purchase of a new licence and COVER is needed.

The licences with valid COVER at the time of the release of a new major version (which becomes the Current Version) will be replaced with a free upgrade licence to the Current Version.

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