What Happens After I have Generated or Received a Tax Invoice / Quote?

Modified on: 2014-10-17 11:44:25 +1100

The TAX INVOICE/QUOTE generated by the OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENT OPTION in the REVIEW YOUR ORDER page of the shopping cart process can be used as a reference for your order. It is a quote valid for 30 days from the date generated. Full payment must be made before this order can be finalised.

Payment by online credit card

If you wish to make a purchase online via credit card, you are required to go through the shopping cart process again. If there is a discrepancy between this quoted price (within 30 days from the quote date) and the latest shopping cart figure, you will need to contact our sales office providing your Customer ID, and Tax Invoice number.

Other forms of payment

If you are choosing to pay by OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENT, please follow the instructions on the TAX INVOICE/QUOTE generated. After payment is made you need to visit our REMITTANCE ADVICE FORM and submit details of your payment. Please be sure to reference the TAX INVOICE number where possible so we can quickly and easily check and verify that payment we receive belongs to you and for what order this is related to.

Please note that your QUOTE is automatically cancelled after 30 days. If payment has been received after your quote has been cancelled, your payment will not be accepted and will be returned (if it is a cheque) or rejected (if it is Direct Deposit).

As soon as we have received your payment, your order will be finalised and an email sent to YOUR STORE ACCOUNT email address containing your TAX INVOICE/RECEIPT. This will include your order details and contain important download and activation information.

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