How to pay in USD

Modified on: 2014-10-17 11:39:53 +1100

Payments must be made in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (AUD). However, some US Government Departments can only do business in US Dollars therefore wish to make payments in USD. Payments in US Dollars may be acceptable upon application. An Administration Fee will be charged for all USD payments.

1. Please complete and submit this ORDER FORM for a Professional version of our software, or this EDUCATION ORDER FORM for an Educational version of our software. Please provide your details and choose the products you wish to purchase (don't forget to request payment in USD). If you are an existing customer, please include you Customer ID (if you have one - this is the number allocated to you for YOUR STORE ACCOUNT).

2. We will then send you a Tax Invoice/Quote which includes a quote in USD (valid for 30 days). We will also provide you with payment options.

3. You may choose to make payment by cheque in USD or make a direct deposit in USD.

4. After payment is made you need to visit our REMITTANCE ADVICE FORM and submit details of your payment.

5. Once payment has been received, you will be sent an automated Tax Invoice/Receipt with purchase details (and important software download/activation information, if this is what you purchased). As our online system is only designed to accept payments in AUD, the automated Tax Invoice/Receipt will be in AUD. We will email you a separate Tax Invoice/Receipt in USD.

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