1PC Licence (Per Computer): SIDRA INTERSECTION

Modified on: 2020-12-08 11:22:58 +1100

Two levels of 1PC (single computer) licences are available for SIDRA INTERSECTION:

  • PLUS/1PC: Allows modelling of 1 or 2 intersections
  • NETWORK/1PC: Allows modelling of up to 20 intersections

We are offering a special licence to upgrade from your existing SIDRA INTERSECTION PLUS/1PC licence to a NETWORK/1PC licence. This is called a NETWORK UPGRADE/1PC licence which allows modelling of up to 50 intersections.

The NETWORK/1PC and NETWORK UPGRADE 1/PC licences both specifically refer to product level for use on a single computer (see below). An ENTERPRISE licence is available and allows use of the software in all offices (sites) of the organisation in the country for which the licence is issued.

Please contact our Sales Department to enquire about purchasing an ENTERPRISE licence.

1PC Licence

The 1PC licence allows installing and using the software on one computer. Once a 1PC licence has been installed and activated on a computer, it cannot be simultaneously activated on another. The software activation procedures will prevent a 1PC Licence version of the software from being used on more than one computer.

A 1PC licence can be deactivated and subsequently moved to another computer. Generally this process will require an internet connection. Moving a licence is possible without an internet connection, but the process is difficult and is not recommended.

With this licensing system, you will be able to deactivate and reactivate your licence without need to contact our office. If a licence cannot be deactivated, for example if a computer was damaged or became inoperable, you would then need to contact us to have the licence reactivated on another computer. A service fee may be charged for such cases.

To be able to use the software simultaneously on more than one computer, further 1PC Licences are required. It will be easy to increase the number of 1PC computer licences since it will be possible to purchase one or more additional 1PC computer licences.

Country where licence is used: Licences can be used in any site (office) of the Licensee's organisation in the country for which the licence is issued. In the case of multi-national organisations, purchase of additional licences or a special agreement is required for other countries where the Licensee's organisation has offices. This applies to all licence types.

SIDRA SOLUTIONS software licences are non-transferable, they cannot be passed on, rented or leased, or sold to another organisation.

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