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This information is for EXISTING CLIENTS WITH FLOATING PACKS ONLY. FLOATING Licences are no longer available for purchase as of 01 May 2012.

The FLOATING licence allows a number of simultaneous users to access the software.

The FLOATING licence system will not allow more than the licenced number of users to access a licence simultaneously. For example, in a FLOATING 10-licence Pack, in order for the next user to access the software, one of the first ten users will need to return a licence by stopping use of the software for a new user to gain access to the software.

Several FLOATING Licence packs can work side by side on the same server effectively adding the number of licences available.

This web page presents information about setting up a FLOATING Licence. The information is provided for the Licence Administrator (IT Manager):

  • to install the Licence Manager program on a server, and then create and activate Licence Files using the Licence Manager program, and
  • to install the End User software (SIDRA INTERSECTION) on any number of individual computers that are connected to the network, and set up licensing on End User computers.

The Licence Manager program is supplied with the FLOATING Licence and can be downloaded from YOUR STORE ACCOUNT.

The Licence Manager program is ONLY required if you have a FLOATING licence – it is not required for the other licence types, and it is not available for download unless you have purchased a FLOATING licence. For any queries, please contact us.

Country where licence is used: Licences can be used in any site (office) of the Licensee's organisation in the country for which the licence is issued. In the case of multi-national organisations, purchase of additional licences or a special agreement is required for other countries where the Licensee's organisation has offices. This applies to all licence types.

All licence products are treated individually from a pricing and licence management perspective. Each 1PC computer licence, FLOATING licence pack and ENTERPRISE licence has an individual price, Licence ID and COVER expiry date associated with it.

SIDRA SOLUTIONS software licences are non-transferable, they cannot be passed on, rented or leased, or sold to another organisation.

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