Installation and Setup for End Users

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1 Introduction 

To enable the use of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software (client application) by End Users under the FLOATING Licence, install the software on each individual computer which will be allowed to access the FLOATING Licence. 

End user installation and licensing can be set up via a SILENT Installation process. See "SILENT" Installation Settings for detailed information on SILENT Installation settings for all SIDRA SOLUTIONS software.

2 Setting up the Software to Access a FLOATING Licence 

The following are the steps to set up SIDRA INTERSECTION as an End User software on a computer which is allowed to access the FLOATING Licence. 

  2. Click the Licensing tab in the ribbon and select the Floating option (radio button). 
  3. Choose one of the methods below:
    a. Type the FLOATING Licence File Folder path into the FLOATING Licence location field and then press Enter. This folder path must be the same as the Current Folder UNC Path in the Licence Manager on your server, or a mapped Network Drive pointing to the Current Folder UNC Path.
    b.Alternatively, click the enabled folder (“Browse”) icon and select the location of the FLOATING Licence File Folder on the network. If you cannot see the FLOATING Licence File Folder while browsing, please ensure that the folder does not have the "Hidden" attribute, and that it has been mapped to a drive letter.

3 FLOATING Licence Allocation Failure

If the FLOATING Licence allocation process is successful

  • your Customer ID, Licence ID, Company Name and Licence Type (FLOATING) will appear on the software status bar (bottom right), and 
  • your Company Name will be displayed in software output reports. 

The FLOATING Licence allocation process may fail for a number of reasons. An error message will be given if this happens. The reasons for failure include the following: 

  1. You will not be allocated a licence if all licences for the software are in use by other End Users. The FLOATING Licence system will not allow more than the licensed number of users to access a licence simultaneously. For example, in a FLOATING 10-licence Pack, the next user can access to a licence in order to use the software only when one of the first ten users returns a licence by stopping use of the software.
  2. Your network connection to the FLOATING Licence File Folder may have been lost during your use of the licence. If you get a message related to this, check your network connection.
  3. The licence allocation process may fail because there is no valid FLOATING Licence File for the software in the specified folder.
  4. End User does not have Read and Write permissions for the FLOATING licence file.
  5. Licence allocation may fail because some network problems are encountered. 

When the failure to get a licence persists, contact your Licence Administrator

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