How to Update your DETAILS in your STORE Account

Modified on: 2017-12-05 16:52:07 +1100

Important Note: For the security of your SIDRA STORE account, you cannot change your password online. To change your password, please contact our Support Team. We must receive an email from the licence contact, requesting the change. The new password information will only be sent to the recognised licence contact. To change all other details, please follow the below steps:

An EDIT DETAILS link appears in the right hand navigation when you are logged into YOUR STORE ACCOUNT homepage.

  1. Click on the EDIT DETAILS link
  2. Update your contact details
  3. Click Next to complete the update.

You can also update customer details when you click CHECKOUT from the first page of the CART:

  1. Go to the ONLINE STORE
  2. Add an item to the CART
  3. Click CHECKOUT
  4. Log into the online STORE Account with the login and password provided to you.
  5. CUSTOMER DETAILS 1/2 page - update your details and click NEXT
  6. CUSTOMER DETAILS 2/2 page - update your details and click NEXT
  7. SUBSCRIPTIONS page - update your subscriptions.
  8. Continue if you wish to purchase the product, otherwise simply close your browser to LOGOUT.

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