How to Create & Use Your STORE Account

Modified on: 2017-05-18 15:30:29 +1000

If you are a new customer, you can create a free STORE Account when you checkout from the cart for the first time.

  1. LOGIN PAGE: After you checkout from the Shopping Cart, under the New Customer tab you must enter an email address and click CREATE STORE  Account.
  2. CUSTOMER DETAILS 1/2: Please enter your customer details. All fields with an Asterisk * must contain information and cannot be left blank. The best way to move down the fields is to press tab. The person responsible for managing the STORE Account payment and licensing management should be registered. Once complete, click NEXT.
  3. CUSTOMER DETAILS 2/2: Please enter additional customer details. You can CLICK IF POSTAL ADDRESS IS SAME AS MAIN ADDRESS to copy the information entered in the previous screen if your postal address is the same as your main address. Please ensure that you enter your ABN number if you are an organisation based in Australia. Please ensure that you enter a USER TYPE by selecting from the drop down menu. Once complete, click NEXT.
  4. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Tick the subscriptions that you wish to be signed up to.

Your STORE Account has now been setup. Your software purchases will be recorded under this STORE Account. When required, you can now login with the email address and password created for this STORE Account.

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