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The information given in this category is for the users of OLDER VERSIONS of SIDRA INTERSECTION (Versions before 9). These users should note the following:

  • Technical support is NOT AVAILABLE for these OLDER VERSIONS of SIDRA INTERSECTION since technical support is provided only for the latest versions of SIDRA SOLUTIONS software.
  • OLDER VERSIONS may include modelling of some outdated methodologies representing OUTDATED PRACTICES. Provision of some level of help towards older versions of SIDRA SOLUTIONS software does not mean approval of outdated practices.
  • Therefore, purchase of a new licence for the latest version SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 is recommended rather than using the outdated software versions.
  • Keeping your COVER subscriptions up to date ensures that you will always have the latest software version and you will be entitled to technical support at no extra cost.

For purchasing the latest version of SIDRA INTERSECTION, contact our Sales Office

For any problems in relation to updates of OLDER VERSIONS, contact Technical Support

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