How To Renew COVER Using Methods Other Than Credit Card

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COVER is essentially support (maintenance) for your licence. It entitles you to receive free upgrades to major new software version releases as well as priority technical support. COVER can be purchased with the latest version of software only. The COVER period is 12 months for INTERSECTION and TRIP.

To Renew COVER:

  1. Visit the Renew COVER page in the ONLINE STORE
  2. LOGIN PAGE: You will be required to first login. Existing customers must enter the email and password associated their STORE account and click LOGIN.
    Please note: As this page is only relevant for existing customers,if you are a new customer, you will be prompted to create a STORE account when you checkout from the SHOPPING CART- you can then visit this page in the future and login with your STORE account details.
  3. RENEW COVER: Review the list of products eligible for renewal. No products will be listed if you are not eligible to renew products. Select the products you wish to renew then click ADD TO CART to proceed to the Shopping Cart.
  4. SHOPPING CART: The items you have just added to the Shopping Cart will be listed. To add another product click CONTINUE SHOPPING to go to the ONLINE STORE homepage and repeat the ADD TO CART process. If you are satisfied with your selection click CHECKOUT.
  5. CUSTOMER DETAILS 1/2: Please verify your customer details. All fields with an Asterisk * must contain information and cannot be left blank. The best way to move down the fields is to press tab. Once complete, click NEXT.
  6. CUSTOMER DETAILS 2/2: Please verify additional customer details. You can CLICK IF POSTAL ADDRESS IS SAME AS MAIN ADDRESS to copy the information entered in the previous screen if your postal address is the same as your main address. Please ensure that you enter your ABN number if you are an organisation based in Australia. Please ensure that you enter a USER TYPE by selecting from the drop down menu. Once complete, click NEXT.
  7. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Tick the subscriptions that you wish to be signed up to.
  8. REVIEW YOU ORDER: View the products that you have selected to ensure quantity and product is correct. Select OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENT checkbox. If required, enter a purchase order number (this will appear on your final TAX INVOICE/RECEIPT). Click NEXT.
  9. TAX INVOICE/QUOTE: This is a form generated with details of the items entered into the cart. You may print the TAX INVOICE/QUOTE by pressing the PRINT button at the bottom of the invoice. If you require a purchase order number to be noted on the TAX INVOICE, there is a space to manually enter by hand, the purchase order number. Your payment options and instructions are listed on the TAX INVOICE/QUOTE.
    Please note: This is valid for 30 DAYS ONLY. Payment MUST be made within 30 days or your invoice will be cancelled and you will be required to start the process again. Your order cannot be confirmed until full payment has been received. You will not receive your download link until Akcelik and Associates has received payment in full.Payments received after the invoice has been cancelled will not be accepted and will be returned (if it is a cheque) or rejected (if it is Direct Deposit).
  10. PAYMENT & REMITTANCE ADVICE: The quote is valid for 30 Days. After you have made payment please complete the online REMITTANCE ADVICE FORM and submit to Akcelik & Associates.
  11. Once full payment has been received Akcelik and Associates we will process your order. You will then receive a final TAX INVOICE/RECEIPT by email.

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