How to Submit a Contact Form

Modified on: 2015-03-06 16:34:36 +1100

The easiest way to contact SIDRA SOLUTIONS is via the online Contact Form on our SUPPORT Site.

How to complete the online form

  1. The first field is YOUR EMAIL. Enter your email address into this field.
  2. Please note: This is the email address that will be used to create your SUPPORT Account and where the email response from the SIDRA team will be sent to.
  3. In the SUBJECT field, enter the subject of your enquiry (like you would in an email).
  4. Type your full name into the field, YOUR NAME. Note:  After signing up with SIDRA Support, the name field will not appear on the form, if you enter the same email address used for signup, as the form will recognise this email.
  5. In the MESSAGE DETAILS field, type in your enquiry. Here you have the ability to make some basic changes to the font and format. It is important to be clear and to provide as much detail as possible in order for us to assist you with your enquiry.
  6. Your can also attach a file by clicking the [Attach a file] link.
  7. You must select the AREA OF ENQUIRY.
  8. There may be an optional CATEGORY field and the category will depend on the AREA OF ENQUIRY selected. It is important that you select a category that is the most appropriate for your enquiry. If you have questions for more than one department (technical and sales for example) please submit two forms (one for each department).
  9. There may be another optional field called FACILITY TYPE, depending on the category selected.
  10. In the COMPANY NAME field, please enter the name of your organisation, if applicable.
  11. You have the option of selecting the SOFTWARE that is relevant to your enquiry (SIDRA INTERSECTION for example).
  12. The CUSTOMER ID and LICENCE ID fields relate to existing users only. These are optional fields,  but useful for us to identify who you are and which licence you are referring to. These fields can be left blank in other cases.
  13. Once the form is complete, click [SUBMIT]. This will send your enquiry through to the appropriate SIDRA Representative/Agent. Your enquiry will be responded to as soon as possible. You will also receive a confirmation email.

You should also check to see if an answer to your question is already available to you in the Resources section of the SUPPORT Site.

Note:Once you are signed up to SIDRA Support, you do not need to log in to your account to contact the SIDRA Team. In the future, simply use the same email address associated with your account in the CONTACT FORM.

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