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Modified on: 2014-11-05 11:04:52 +1100

You have the option of using your Google Account credentials to set up your SUPPORT Account. It only takes two clicks to register and then, one click to log in to your account. If you wish to use a familiar login process, instead of creating and remembering a new SIDRA Support password, use this method. This way, when a response is sent to you from a SIDRA Agent, you can view the response by logging back in using your Goggle Account. 

Please note that, this information will only be used to create your SIDRA SUPPORT Account. We don't share any of your information and data with Google. 

Read the following article for instructions.

How to log in to your SUPPORT Account using your Google login

However, if you'd prefer to keep your Google and SIDRA SUPPORT Accounts separate, simply log in using your SUPPORT Account credentials after your password is set up.

Read the articles listed on the right to learn about creating a SIDRA Support password.

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