What is COVER?

Modified on: 2022-03-16 17:28:08 +1100

COVER is essential support (maintenance) for your licence. It means free upgrades to major new software versions as well as priority technical support. COVER can be purchased with the latest version of the software only. The COVER period is 12 months for INTERSECTION and TRIP.

COVER is associated with the particular software licence purchased, i.e. it applies per software licence. The COVER prices are per licence.

When purchasing a new licence the initial purchase price includes 12-month COVER for INTERSECTION and TRIP. We recommend that you keep your COVER up to date at all times.

  • Renewal Before Expiry applies when renewing an existing COVER before its expiry. Renewing COVER before expiry costs less.
  • Renewal After Expiry applies when renewing an existing COVER after its expiry. Renewing COVER after expiry costs more.

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