What are the Benefits of COVER?

Modified on: 2018-04-10 09:47:39 +1000

The benefits of COVER include:

  • Free upgrades to major new versions released during the COVER period: Under our continuous development policy, we will be producing a number of new improved versions of the software. You may choose to purchase the new version when it comes out, or you may choose to maintain your COVER for free upgrades. Continued COVER means substantial savings since the COVER fee is much less than the cost of a new licence.
  • A reasonable amount of technical support. This means assistance to make the software operate on your computer system, and investigation of cases that fail to run or produce unexpected results. It does not include assistance in the normal use of the software such as coding of input from an intersection plan. Software training workshops that cover these topics are offered from time to time.
  • Notification by email regarding new patches that become available from our Website.
  • Your continued COVER will ensure that you are always using the latest (most advanced, most up to date) version of the software as a best practice organisation.

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