Modified on: 2017-01-11 15:16:36 +1100

SIDRA TRIP Trial Version does not require registration by  the user.  The Customer ID (User ID) and  Serial Number are not required.

After starting SIDRA TRIP, the Trial dialog will  appear.  Click Try to use the software within the allowed  period.  The Trial Version will operate in Trial Mode for up to 14 days.  Each time the software is started, the  Trial dialog will appear.

The software is fully functional in this mode.  However, the software  output  produced in this mode will indicate that the software is an UNREGISTERED  Trial Version.

After the maximum period allowed for Trial Mode has passed, the software will  no longer operate.  The Trial dialog will indicate "0  of 14 days remaining" and the Try button will be unavailable.   Click Cancel to close the program.

The Trial Mode period will not be reset if  you  uninstall and reinstall the software.  If you wish to continue to  use the  software, you must purchase it and register using the Serial  Number sent to you  by Akcelik & Associates.

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