How to Purchase an Upgrade from SI PLUS 1PC to NETWORK 1PC Online by Credit Card

Modified on: 2017-07-31 12:44:52 +1000

If you have one or more SIDRA INTERSECTION PLUS/1PC licences in your STORE account and you would like to UPGRADE them to the SIDRA INTERSECTION NETWORK/1PC licences using your Credit Card Online, please follow the below instructions.

PLUS/1PC LICENCE WILL BE REPLACED BY A NETWORK/1PC LICENCE: Once you have successfully purchased an UPGRADE from your SIDRA INTERSECTION PLUS/1PC Licence to a NETWORK/1PC Licence the PLUS/1PC Licence will no longer be available for use as this will be replaced by the NETWORK/1PC Licence.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT COVER: Do not renew your PLUS/1PC COVER if you are about to purchase a NETWORK/1PC UPGRADE. The new licence will include the first 12 months of COVER - your new COVER Renewal date will be 12 months from date of purchase of the NETWORK/1PC UPGRADE licence. Your PLUS/1PC licence and remaining COVER associated to this licence will be cancelled.

To Upgrade, or check Upgrade eligibility:

  1. Visit the Upgrade page in the ONLINE STORE
  2. LOGIN PAGE: You will first be required to login. Existing customers must enter the email and password associated their STORE account and click LOGIN.
    Please note: The UPGRADE option is only available to existing clients with SIDRA INTERSECTION PLUS/1PC licences in their STORE account.
  3. UPGRADE PAGE: Review the list of products eligible for Upgrade. Please note: You will only be able to select the products for UPGRADE if they are in a DEACTIVE state. If you have a PLUS/1PC Licence in your STORE account and it is activated on a computer, you need to DEACTIVATE the licence first to be able to UPGRADE it to the NETWORK/1PC level. Please see instructions on Moving Your 1PC Licence From One Machine To Another.
  4. Select the products you wish to Upgrade then click ADD TO CART to proceed to the Shopping Cart.
    Please Note: If you believe you are eligible for an Upgrade, and your PLUS/1PC Licence is in a deactive state but it is not showing up in YOUR STORE ACCOUNT, please contact our Support Team.
    SHOPPING CART will list the item you have added. To add another product click CONTINUE SHOPPING to go back to the ONLINE STORE homepage and repeat the ADD TO CART process. To remove the item(s) click REMOVE. To change QUANTITY simply change numeral then click UPDATE. .
  5. CUSTOMER DETAILS 1/2: Please verify your customer details. All fields with an Asterisk * must contain information and cannot be left blank. The best way to move down the fields is to press tab. Once complete, click NEXT.
  6. CUSTOMER DETAILS 2/2: Please verify additional customer details. You can CLICK IF POSTAL ADDRESS IS SAME AS MAIN ADDRESS to copy the information entered in the previous screen if your postal address is the same as your main address. Please ensure that you enter your ABN number (without any space between numbers) if you are an organisation based in Australia. Please ensure that you enter a USER TYPE by selecting from the drop down menu. Once complete, click NEXT
  7. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Tick the subscriptions that you wish to be signed up to.
  8. REVIEW YOUR ORDER: View the products that you have selected to ensure quantity and product is correct. To pay by credit card you must select the ONLINE PAYMENT checkbox. If required, enter a purchase order number (this will appear on your final TAX INVOICE/RECEIPT). Click NEXT.
  9. ENTER CARD DETAILS: Enter your Credit Card number and the details of the Card holder.
    Please note: Enter your credit card as a continuous string of numbers without spaces or dashes. For American Express, the CVV2 Number is a 4 digit number at the upper right on the front of the card. For Visa/MasterCard, this is a 3 digit number to the right of the card number on the back of the card. Enter 000 for other card types.
    Please ensure that your first and last name are entered as they appear on your card. The address entered should match the address where you receive credit card statements for the card number entered above. This information will be used to further verify your identity through the Address Verification System, as service offered by credit card issuers designed to combat fraud and identity theft. Once done click NEXT.
  10. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER: This is the final screen before your order is processed. Please check all details. Click ORDER to finalise order. This may take up to 1 minute, so please do not navigate away from the screen as it is processed.
  11. TAX INVOICE/RECEIPT: The purchase process is now complete. This is your TAX INVOICE/RECEIPT with important download and activation information. A copy has been sent to your email address. There is a PRINT button at the bottom right hand side if you wish to print the tax invoice/receipt for your accounts or reference purposes.
  12. To download your software simply click the DOWNLOAD LINK(s) highlighted in red on the TAX INVOICE/RECEIPT.
  13. Your old SIDRA INTERSECTION PLUS/1PC licence has automatically been cancelled, this will show on your STORE account page under ORDER HISTORY but will be greyed out, unable to be activated or used. Your New SIDRA INTERSECTION NETWORK/1PC licence will be available under ORDER HISTORY.
  14. Please ensure to activate your new NETWORK/1PC licence after downloading the software. Please refer to the activation instructions on our website for instructions.

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