Installing the old version Licence Manager Program and Creating Licence Files

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This describes the procedures to be employed for installing the old version Licence Manager program and creating old version Licence Files

You can also use the Licence Manager program to:

  • deactivate a licence, and
  • monitor user status and revoke licence allocation to an End User. 

The Licence Manager does not need to remain running during normal use of the software by End Users but you may wish to monitor user status after initial setting up.

2 Installing the LICENCE MANAGER Program 

The steps to install the Licence Manager program are as follows. 

  1. Decide where to locate the FLOATING Licence File Folder on the network. Please ensure that you do not put the licence file in a folder under C:\Program Files on the server.  
    You can use the same shared folder for SIDRA INTERSECTION 8 FLOATING Licence that you used for previous versions but please pay attention to point (3) regarding permissions.
  2. Create the FLOATING Licence File Folder on the server. 
  3. Set permissions for the FLOATING Licence File Folder such that all End Users can create, open, read and write files. There are two sets of permissions required on this folder:
    • Sharing Permission: End Users must have at least Change and Read permissions.
    • Security Permission: End Users must have at least Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read and Write permissions.
    Note that the Modify permission for the FLOATING licence is a new requirement for SIDRA INTERSECTION Versions 8, 7, 6.1 and 6.0 and will need to be added to any existing permissions used for earlier versions in the same shared folder. 
  4. Install the Licence Manager Version 2.0 on the server. This works with the SIDRA INTERSECTION 8, 7, 6.1 and 6.0 FLOATING Licences.
    If you want to manage the FLOATING Licences for earlier versions of SIDRA INTERSECTION, you need to keep using Licence Manager Version 1.0 for this purpose. Licence Manager Version 2.0 can be installed side-by-side with Licence Manager Version 1.0.
    The Licence Manager program itself requires no activation. The Licence Manager program must be run on the server where the FLOATING Licence File Folder is installed. It is not possible to run the Licence Manager from a different computer to create the Licence File on the server. 

3 Creating Licence Files 

To create and activate Licence Files using the Licence Manager program:

Use the Licence Manager to create a Licence File for each FLOATING Licence Pack you have, and activate each licence. The licence activation requires your Licence ID and Password information. 

A new Licence ID is required for new versions of the software. For example, a SIDRA INTERSECTION 7 Licence ID cannot be used to activate a licence for SIDRA INTERSECTION 8. Licence IDs can be obtained from YOUR STORE ACCOUNT.

The licence files will be saved in the FLOATING Licence File Folder. Several FLOATING Licence Packs can be installed in the same folder. The Licence Files for several FLOATING Licence Packs will work side by side in the FLOATING Licence File Folder, allowing the number of licences available in each pack to be effectively added together.

The licence activation process may fail for a number of reasons:

  • Licence ID or Password incorrect. 
  • Licence cancelled.  
  • Failure to connect to SOLO activation server via Internet.  
  • Activation takes place on SOLO server but a response is not received back from the activation server, therefore activation appears to fail. This may be due to firewall or network settings blocking the response.  
  • The licence specified has already been activated. 

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