Staged Crossings at Sign-Controlled Intersections

Modified on: 2020-05-27 15:45:02 +1000

SIDRA INTERSECTION network analysis technique can be used to model a large number of traffic facilities that involve closely-spaced intersections and interchanges including alternative intersections and interchanges. This includes modelling Staged Crossings at Sign-Controlled Intersections. 

SIDRA INTERSECTION Version 9 provides Network Templates for these within the program. Network Templates can be imported using the “Network Import from Template” button. Select a Template to import from a selection in folders named Alternative Intersections, Interchanges, Paired Intersections, Roundabouts and Staged Crossings. 

Three types of staged crossing at T intersections as well as a template for staged crossing at four-way intersections are available. 

These include the cases

(i) when there is storage available in the central (median) area that allows the turning movement to slow down or stop and give-way / yield to the main road Through traffic stream and 

(ii) when there is an acceleration lane for merging. 

Detailed information on modelling Staged Crossings at Sign-Controlled Intersections can be found in SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 User Guide, Section 9.4.5. 

The use of old version project files is not recommended.

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