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VOLUMES is an Excel application for SIDRA INTERSECTION 8 which allows specification of Volumes and related data within the Excel file, and processes a selected Site in a SIDRA INTERSECTION Project using data given in the Project file or in the Excel file, providing Volume Output, Intersection Output, Movement Output, Lane Output and Pedestrian Output data in Excel sheets. This has been developed in conjunction with SIDRA INTERSECTION API to provide additional capabilities for SIDRA INTERSECTION users.  


The use of the VOLUMES utility is limited to processing single Sites and is not applicable to Network analysis. A licensed version of SIDRA INTERSECTION 8 must be installed on a computer before this utility can be used. 


The following links allow you to download .zip files containing the VOLUMES Excel Utility for SIDRA INTERSECTION 8 and various Sample Project files for use with this application:

VOLUMES Excel Application for SI-8

Project File: Standard Left Version

Project File: Standard Right Version

Project File: US HCM (Customary Units) Version

Project File: US HCM (Metric) Version



The VOLUMES utility requires MS Office 2016 / 2013 / 2010 use with macro-enabled Excel file extension xlsm.   

Before using this utility for the first time, right click the file name or icon, select Properties in the menu, then select the General tab.  If an Unblock button is shown, click the button to unblock the file. Otherwise various errors may occur during running of the utility.

For the use of the VOLUMES utilities, a SIDRA INTERSECTION Project file (extension sip8) needs to be prepared first. Once the Project file is ready, the Project should be closed in SIDRA INTERSECTION. Simultaneous use of the same Project in SIDRA INTERSECTION and any API application is not recommended. Otherwise, various problems and data updating issues may result due to trying to access the same Project from two different programs.  

For detailed information on the use of the VOLUMES utilities, refer to SIDRA INTERSECTION 8 User Guide.



Users with knowledge of Excel and Excel VBA programming may wish to customise the VOLUMES utility.

Within the Control sheet and the Volume Input sheet of this application, cell positions must not be changed (e.g. by adding or removing rows) as this will stop the application from working correctly.  The “Output” sheets in the this application are locked and cannot be modified.

New sheets can be added without any limitation, but you must not change the names of any existing sheets. Copying of “Output” sheets in the VOLUMES application is allowed.  New sheets that refer to data in these sheets may be added.

Using VBA programming, significant changes could be made to the application, such as customisation of output. This requires some knowledge of VBA programming.

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