Tools for Developing API Applications: SI-8

Modified on: 2022-08-10 13:23:33 +1000

Files are available for programmers who want to develop API applications for SIDRA INTERSECTION:

  • Help - This file is for programmers and provides detailed information about all parameters and the structure accessible in the SIDRA INTERSECTION API. Before using this file for the first time, right click the file name or icon, select Properties in the menu, then select the General tab. If an Unblock button is shown, click the button to unblock the file. Otherwise various errors may occur during running of the utility.
  • Late Binding DLL - This file is a .NET Framework assembly. If your application uses SIDRA INTERSECTION API through .NET Framework, your application needs to reference this DLL file to ensure that the application will function correctly with future updates. If your application uses SIDRA INTERSECTION API through COM (e.g. Excel VBA, C++, Python application), your application does not require this Late Binding DLL file. 
  • Sample API programs - These are for helping with the use of SIDRA INTERSECTION API.



We encourage and support the use of the latest version of SIDRA INTERSECTION for developing API applications. Here are all the files available for download for use with SIDRA INTERSECTION 8:

Help - Help_SI8API.chm
Late Binding DLL -
C# and C++ Samples -
Python Sample -


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