SIDRA User Group Meetings 2019 - Presentation Files

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Discussions and Topics

SIDRA User Group Meetings in 2019 included various presentations which are listed as follows:

  • Introduction to SIDRA User Group Meeting 
    Rahmi Akçelik, SIDRA SOLUTIONS
  • Some important issues raised in SIDRA User Support Queries
    Mark Besley and Rahmi Akçelik, SIDRA SOLUTIONS
  • MRWA Operational Modelling Guidelines and Auditing Process
    Hannah Saunders, MRWA
  • Using SIDRA INTERSECTION to model a small network with roundabout metering on two approaches 
     Heru Jatmika, RMS NSW
  • Melbourne P Turn example using SIDRA INTERSECTION 8 
    Rahmi Akçelik and Mark Besley, SIDRA SOLUTIONS
    Grant Smith, Transportation and Traffic Systems Ltd
  • Aimsun - SIDRA Interface
    Mohammad Saifuzzaman, Aimsun - A Siemens Company
  • Transferring Emme turning movements to SIDRA network using Python
    Matthew van den Bos, Freelance Transport Modeller
  • Using SIDRA API for Emme and Dynameq
    Matthew van den Bos, Freelance Transport Modeller
  • Modelling High Capacity Flows in Emme, SIDRA and Dynameq
     Paul van den Bos, Freelance Transport Modeller
  • GTASIDRA - A process integrator with the new SIDRA Version 8 API
    Rebecca Strachan, GTA Consultants
  • Modelling Heavy Vehicles in SIDRA INTERSECTION
    Rahmi Akçelik, SIDRA SOLUTIONS
  • Saturation flow surveys with lane blockage
    Rahmi Akçelik, SIDRA SOLUTIONS
  • On SIDRA INTERSECTION model calibration
    Rahmi Akçelik, SIDRA SOLUTIONS
  • An introduction to using API for SIDRA INTERSECTION 8 and VOLUMES Utility
    Mark Besley, SIDRA SOLUTIONS
  • SIDRA BATCH Python sample program using SIDRA API
  • SIDRA INTERSECTION Version 9 demonstration of new features
    Mark Besley and Rahmi Akçelik, SIDRA SOLUTIONS




Dr Rahmi Akçelik is a leading scientist and software developer with almost 50 years of practical, research and training experience in the area of road traffic operations, traffic engineering, management and control. He is the author of the SIDRA INTERSECTION and SIDRA TRIP software packages.


Mark Besley is a scientist and software specialist who has worked in the traffic management area since 1980s. He has been making a significant contribution to the development of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software in collaboration with Dr Rahmi Akçelik.


Harry Cai is a Software Engineer at SIDRA SOLUTIONS. He completed Master of Applied IT and Master of IT (Minor Thesis) degrees at Monash University. He contributes to the development and support of SIDRA SOLUTIONS software products.


Grant Smith is the Director of Transportation and Traffic Systems Ltd. He is the developer and owner of TRACKS, a land use and transport modelling system software package. He will present the TRACKS-LITE package that links the SIDRA INTERSECTION traffic model with a TRACKS transport model.


Mohammad Saifuzzaman (Saif) is a Product Specialist at Aimsun Pty Ltd. He completed his PhD in Traffic Engineering from Queensland University of Technology (QUT). He is a transport engineer with over seven years of international experience. He will present some use cases and the workflow to link SIDRA with Aimsun Next, demonstrating how this interface works with a hands-on example. 


Matthew van den Bos has completed B.Eng. (Honours) majoring in Renewable Energy Systems and B.Sc. (Resource and Environmental Management). He worked on the Emme, SIDRA and Dynameq links using the various API’s while completing his internship with Transport Modelling. 


Paul van den Bos is a Freelance Transport Modeller with 30 years of traffic and transport modelling. He will present his experience with linking SIDRA INTERSECTION with EMME and DYNAMEQ transport planning and simulation packages.


Rebecca is an Associate at GTA Consultants.  She has over 15 years’ experience in transport engineering within Australia and the UK. She will present the GTASIDRA Process Integrator.


HANNAH SAUNDERS is a Civil Engineer with over 13 years of experience in traffic modelling and traffic engineering. She joined Main Roads WA as manager of the Operational Modelling and Visualisation Team in 2016 and has led the development of the Operational Modelling Guidelines and Auditing Process for Operational Modelling which was released in 2018.   


Heru Jatmika is a senior road network analyst at Roads and Maritime Services, NSW. He has a PhD degree in Transport Planning from the University of New South Wales. He has been working as a transport planner and engineer for more than 30 years. He will present the use of SIDRA INTERSECTION to model a small network, including a four-leg roundabout with metering on two approaches, in Bella Vista, Sydney.

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