Update: SIDRA INTERSECTION Version 3.2

Modified on: 2015-02-23 16:57:34 +1100

SIDRA INTERSECTION Version 3.2 Service Pack 2 will upgrade Version 3.2.1 (or 3.2.0) to Version 3.2.2 if you have Version 3.2.1 (or 3.2.0) installed on your computer. Version 3.2.0 users can apply this service pack directly without applying the Version 3.2.1 service pack first.

This service pack will NOT update Version 3.1 to Version 3.2 which was a major upgrade (all users with valid COVER at the time of its release received a free upgrade to Version 3.2).

Note: Facilities for licence deactivation for Version 3.2 no longer exists. Therefore, we are not able to assist with reactivation problems.

Technical support is not available for this outdated software version. Purchase of a new licence for the latest version SIDRA INTERSECTION 5.1 is recommended rather than using outdated versions. Keeping your COVER subscriptions up to date ensures that you will always have the latest software version and you will be entitled to technical support at no extra cost.

Download Service Pack (30 MB)

Released 1 February 2008
Upgrades Version to or
Upgrades Version to

Instructions: Apply Version 3.2 Service Pack 2

  1. Download the above update pack file SIDRAIntersection32_SP2.exe and save it on your local hard drive.
  2. Run the file SIDRAIntersection32_SP2.exe.
Note: Please do NOT uninstall SIDRA INTERSECTION 3.2.1 (or 3.2.0). It MUST be present for the update pack to run. This update pack will upgrade Version 3.2.1 (or 3.2.0) to Version 3.2.2. It will NOT be necessary to re-register and re-activate.

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