How to sign in to SIDRA OrgAdmin

Modified on: 2022-10-27 13:31:21 +1100

The SIDRA OrgAdmin web portal is used by an organisation's FLOATING Licence Administrator to manage new FLOATING Licences.

This portal allows an Administrator to do the following:

  • Create and manage User Groups
  • Invite End Users to a User Group
  • Set which User Group(s) can access an Entitlement (including all Licences in this Entitlement)
  • Check FLOATING Licence usage, e.g. which licence is being used and by whom.
  • Block an End User from using a Licence.
  • Reserve a Licence Seat for an End User.
  • Release a Licence from being used.

To sign in to the SIDRA OrgAdmin portal:

  1. Go to SIDRA OrgAdmin
  2. Type in your Email then click Next.
  3. Type in your Password in the following window, then click Next.
  4. If 2nd factor authentication has been activated, enter the 6-digit code from the configured MFA device, then click Sign in.

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