Information for Previous and Old Versions of SIDRA INTERSECTION

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This page is for the users of the following versions:

  • Previous Version of SIDRA INTERSECTION - Version 9
  • Old Versions of SIDRA INTERSECTION - Older than Version 9

See Current Version of SIDRA INTERSECTION


  • Technical support is NOT AVAILABLE for Previous and Old Versions of SIDRA INTERSECTION since technical support is provided only for the latest versions of SIDRA SOLUTIONS software.
  • Old Versions may include modelling of some outdated methodologies representing OUTDATED PRACTICES. Provision of some level of help towards older versions of SIDRA SOLUTIONS software does not mean approval of outdated practices.
  • Purchase of a new licence for the latest version SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1 is highly recommended rather than using the outdated software versions.

Keep your COVER up to date

Keeping your COVER subscriptions up to date during the liferspan of a Current Version will ensure you will receive the latest version for free and be entitled to technical support at no extra cost.

Old Project File Formats

The Project file format with file extension sip9 is used by SIDRA INTERSECTION Version 9.1.  This file format is essentially the same as the one used by Version 9.0 although there are a few minor additions achieved without changing the file structure.  These Project files as well as the old version Project files created using Versions 8.0 (sip8), 7.0 (sip7), 6.1 and 6.0 (sip6) and Versions 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1 (sip) can be opened using the File - Open command.  

The process of opening old version files involves conversion to the current file format and adding new parameters introduced in the current version, and therefore, it can be a slow process depending on the number of Sites in the Project.  The Status Bar (bottom left corner of the user interface) will indicate the progress with importing of Sites and Networks into SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1.  Save the Project when importing of Sites and Networks is complete. 

Opening old files with aap extension (created using Versions 3.x) or importing old DAT files is not available.  The File - Convert (Batch) command provides a batch facility for converting multiple old version Project files (sip8, sip7, sip6, sip, aap) to the current version (sip9).   In the Convert (Batch) dialog, select multiple Project files using standard Windows file selection methods and click the Open button.

When the file conversion process using the Convert (Batch) function is completed, the new Project (sip9) files will be saved automatically.  This process can take a long time depending on the number of Projects.  You need to open the desired file (sip9) after the completion of the conversion process.  

You can open the old files with DAT extension using SIDRA INTERSECTION Version 5.1 if available, save them and then open the converted files (sip extension) using Version 9.1. 

SIDRA INTERSECTION Project files created in the current version (sip9 extension) cannot be saved in earlier file formats (sip8, sip7, etc.). 

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For any problems in relation to updates of Previous or Old Version, contact Technical Support

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