Purchase UPGRADE instructions

Modified on: 2020-05-25 11:22:06 +1000

UPGRADE Instructions 

  1. Review the list of products eligible for Upgrade. Please note: You will only be able to select the products for UPGRADE if they are in a DEACTIVE state. If you have a PLUS/1PC Licence in your STORE account and it is activated on a computer, you need to DEACTIVATE the licence first to be able to UPGRADE it to the NETWORK/1PC level. 
  2. Select the products you wish to Upgrade then click ADD TO CART to proceed to the Shopping Cart.

Do not renew your PLUS/1PC COVER if you are about to purchase a NETWORK UPGRADE. The new licence will include FREE 12 month COVER - your new COVER Renewal date will be 12 months from date of purchase of the NETWORK UPGRADE licence. Your PLUS/1PC licence and remaining COVER will be cancelled.

Contact Us if you are having any issues when you Purchase a Network Upgrade.

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