1PC Licence activation failure

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Online licence activation may fail for a number of reasons resulting in a failure message. The reasons for failure include the following.

  1. You have Internet access problems.
  2. You did not enter your correct Licence ID and Password.
  3. The licence has already been activated.
  4. The licence was blacklisted.

These are explained below.

1. Internet Access Problems

If the software may not be able to connect to the activation server, you will receive the response "The remote name could not be resolved: 'secure.sidrasolutions.com'".

Internet access problems may occur because:

  • you do not have an Internet connection, or
  • you have an Internet connection but you have a firewall or network administration policies that prevent the sending or receiving of the activation information over the Internet.

You should first check that your Internet connection is working. For example, open a web browser and see if you can look at web pages. If your Internet connection is not working, you should fix it and then try activating the software again.

If your Internet connection appears to be working, but activation still fails, contact your network administrator or IT Department and ask them if there is a problem of Internet access restriction.

If you get a message about "Proxy Authentication Required", or any problem/enquiry mentioning "Proxy settings" or "Proxy Server", this message is being generated by your network and simply reported by SIDRA INTERSECTION. The error indicates that the internet communication required by the SIDRA licensing is being blocked by your proxy server. You need to get your IT department to allow the software to communicate to our activation server as follows:

2. Licence ID or Password incorrect

The message "Invalid License ID or Invalid License ID/Password combination" will appear. Check YOUR STORE ACCOUNT for the correct Licence ID and Password.

If you use a valid Licence ID and Password from a different SIDRA INTERSECTION version, or from a different SIDRA SOLUTIONS product, you will get a message like: "SIDRA INTERSECTION cannot be activated using the Licence ID that you have entered. The Licence ID corresponds to a different SIDRA INTERSECTION version or a different product." Check YOUR STORE ACCOUNT for the Licence ID and Password that correspond to the current SIDRA INTERSECTION version.

3. The licence has already been activated

Error message "Web Service Error Number 5013." may be given when activation has failed because:

(i) the licence specified has already been activated, or

(ii) the software could not receive a response from our activation server.

In relation to case (i), if you have more than one licence, please check that you specified the correct Licence ID (one that is not activated). If your intention is to move a previously activated licence from another computer, you will need to deactivate it on the other computer before you can activate it on this computer.

In case (ii), an online activation may appear to have failed on your computer due to the response from our activation server having been blocked by your firewall or network settings. If the activation information was received correctly and processed by our activation server, the activation status will appear as "activated" in the SIDRASOLUTIONS licensing system despite the response being blocked at your end. If you subsequently change firewall settings to allow the response through and attempt an Online Activation or if you attempt an Offline Activation you will get an activation failure message indicating that the software is already activated. In this case, you should contact us for help with resetting your licence activation status.

4. Licence Blacklisted

Error message "Web Service Error Number 5017." may be given when activation has failed.

The Licence ID that you entered may have been cancelled. Please check the most recent information provided to you for your current licence details.

If none of the above reasons apply

If you are still unable to activate the software automatically after ensuring that none of the above reasons for failure of online licence activation applies, you will need to carry out an Offline Activation. Note that Offline Activation is NOT the preferred method of activation.

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