Offline activation

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Offline Activation (for 1PC Licence) is NOT the preferred method. The simple Online Activation using the Internet is the preferred method, and you should attempt to resolve your Internet access problems before using the Offline Activation method.

When you have to use the Offline Activation method, you need to use the software and the SIDRASOLUTIONS web page at the same time. You can open the web page on a different computer if the computer you are wishing to activate does not have Internet access.


1. Use the Software:

  • Run the software.
  • Click the Licensing tab in the ribbon.
  • Select Fixed (radio button), which refers to the 1PC licence type (as opposed to FLOATING licence), and click Activate Licence.
  • In the Activate Licence dialog, select Offline Activation
  • Enter the Licence ID, Password and Installation Name. Installation Name is optional. An example for Installation Name could be your Computer Name.
  • Click "Generate Request" button. An Activation Request is generated in the text box below.
  • Click "Copy" button to copy the Activation Request.
  • Click "Open Activation Web Page" button to open the web page in your default Web Browser, and follow the instructions on the Activation Web Page.

2. Activation Web Page:

  • Paste the Activation Request into the Activation Web Page.
  • Click "Submit" button.
  • An Activation Response will be generated.
  • Select All of the Activation Response and Copy it.

3. Use the Software:

  • Click "Paste" button to paste the Activation Response into the text box.
  • Click "Activate" button.
  • If you get the message “Licence <ID> is activated successfully”, click OK to start using the software in a licensed state.

Offline activation may fail for a number of reasons. Refer to the section of this page titled 1PC LICENCE ACTIVATION FAILURE about possible causes of activation failure.

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